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Tenant Improvement

We can help you develop architectural plans and designs for a commercial space renovation or starting a new build out from cold shell to warm shell. Our professionals are invested in creating a finished space in order to successfully prepare for business. We work with you in reviewing construction documents and give advice to save on unnecessary costs and how to utilize time efficiently. Our vast experience helps to determine more effective and productive resources, materials and subcontractors.

Architectural Design

We focus on components and elements of the structure and help to translate the architects designs and intentions into the best outcome for our client and their business. Our structural knowledge and building material resources help to determine the best process in executing all objectives and achieving the overall concept. We communicate the many constraints and limitations of architectural design and collaborate with all parties to promote a safe and successful design.

Construction Permits

It is our goal to provide a safe and sanctioned space for every project. Our company has the know-how in obtaining building and health department permits with a variety of cities and counties. The regulations and inspections can seem tedious however with our insight into these systems the burden is minimized and the process is streamlined. We pride ourselves in helping our clients in obtaining their construction ambitions.

Home remodeling

Whether you want a cosmetic update for your home or just bought a grand fixer-upper, we are up for the challenge to help create your dream home. We pride ourselves in our involvement of your project simply for the peace of mind that you will come home and enjoy it daily. Do you need to remodel before selling your home? This can increase the value of the home and we are here to help. Call us for a project plan and consultation.

Home Interior

Functionality and safety are our main fundamentals however we also specialize in aesthetic and decorative plans. If you are looking to add an artistic touch to a work space or living space, we help in conceptualizing a design to suit your needs. Our team offers solutions to each individual space through specifications in materials, furniture and lighting. Call us for a project timeline.

Home Extension

We help turn dreams into realities by assisting homeowners in modifying and extending their square footage. Creating extra space or utilizing wasted space can make a big impact in your daily life and it shouldn’t seem impossible. We will research your city’s building regulations to find out how to make it all possible. Call us to learn more.

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On time, very courteous & thorough. He is very understanding. No way I’d ever expect that kind of service. I’d hire them again in a second. Paul Deo

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“Very friendly and fun to work with but still very professional and helped us stay within our budget!”

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